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they'll never hurt like i do<3

sad news, im making my journal friends only.. ill probably do it wendsday night or something.. i like to be open and say what i want and i feel restricted right now but comment if u want me to keep u as a friend. if not im erasing you. sorry kids..

anyways friday night i worked till 10 then we went to cushs cuz she was havin a party and it was fun lol nothin major happened.. then saterday i went to work then went to franklin mills with my mom then went to friendlys with barb kt tom trish cush me and meg then we went home and 2 hours later tom was pickin me up to go to the club.. best thing ever!! soo much fun i never seen that much damn hollister outside of the hollister store!! or so many topless guys haha!! besides that i walk in and i see nicole from last years psych and this years child psych and then like 20 minutes later i seen her talkin to a boy i was like omg who is she and shes like its kev from out child psych i was like omg lol hes so hot and i had NO IDEA he was gay lol o well hes real real cool we talked for a little.. but then we danced more and whatnot and then we went home.. then today i worked then i came home and went out with sarah for a little then relaxed thought about studying but had a change of heart lol

ooh yeah and might i add im very very excited for november 6th? lol me and kyle r goin to the club haha who wants to come?? lol

oh and for the record people just shouldnt assume stuff is about them but whatever.. fuck u!1 take it for what it is..

damn and i forgot to add a special hello to bill, my lil lullaby haha and to matt, my knight in shinig armor ((sorry kids))
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