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bRiTtAnY ClAiRe

let go of yesterday

sooo here was my weekend..

friday AM me and patty had our history midterm hardest thing i ever freakin did! ever! but got done that and went home took a nap and worked 545- 10 then just came home after work and crashed bc there was nuthin to do and rick was supposed to call me and he never did lol just kiddin hunni one day u can pick me up on ur huffy bike and we'll chill :-D

then saterday morning me and sarah and my mom went shopping.. fun stuff lol.. then i came home and me tom and trish decided to go see 'saw'.. scariest fucking shit i ever looked at.. well from what i seen because i left after it was like an hour into the movie lol so yeah i sat outside franklin mills till it was over but i called justina and rachel and katey and kyle and then brett came to procet me from being killed lol then were commin home and we fucking see some dude walkin thru bridesburg in a freaking dress like an ass then we just drove around and stuff and i came home and crashed..

sunady morning i had work 9-3 which sucked bc i messed up my alarm with changing to time so i woke up at 6 then i went back to bed then i wokr up at 730 and my mom said she would drive me after church so i wnt back to bed again and slept till like 820 lol so i went to work and it was steady but it died down a lil so me mike and angel did number puzzles.. fun shit lol then i came home and just relaxed.. ate dinner and handed out candy to trick or treaters.. the 3 CuTeStT lil girls came by all as a diffrent princess lol then conner was superman and he took like 5 candy bars and ran away hes the cutest fucking baby ever to hit the kentz fam lol jp but he really is a cutiie then kate came by with lil asia and she was a bumble bee lol soo precious.. then i just watched american dreams and showered and what not nw im ready for bed

< 3comments are soo in this season <3

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