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How high is your sex drive really?
Favorite color
What animal do you think you would be
What comes to your mind at the word "pussy"
you think about sex this often a week 937
This many people ant to have sex with you - 81%
This fun quiz by BleedingAngelz - Taken 398 Times.
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Is Love Meant For You?
LJ Username
How many times have you been in love?
Chances of falling in love this year - 87%
You might fall in love with: 1b5r2i2a7n8e
Already loves you: throwmyeyez
Will you be lucky with love in the near future? (8) - Most likely. - (8)
Your Love Fortune Cookie: You are about to get your heart ripped out by sum1 on Aim or Yahoo.
How many people will fall in love with you this year? 5
This quiz by TheKoolaidBandit - Taken 3554 Times.
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Quotes from your LJ Orgy
LJ Username
Orgy snack
Orgy drink
I've never seen one of *those* before! 1b5r2i2a7n8e
Next! throwmyeyez
Where's the plunger? This smurf is really stuck! avakk21
I'm bored- let's play Scrabble. onasunday26
It's *supposed* to look like that! 1b5r2i2a7n8e
Percentage of satisfied guests - 60%
This QuickKwiz by yagowe - Taken 2921 Times.
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