bRiTtAnY ClAiRe (all_my_tears) wrote,
bRiTtAnY ClAiRe

about christams break

im going to start at xmas eve bc i dunno what i did b4 that besides alot of work.. ooh yeah we did have our polyanna party and ktcarr got me a cutie shirt and picture frames and kt got me a cutie shirt and frame too!! but xmas eve i worked then came home straigtned up and showered and stuff then the fam came over and lily rose ((my cousins baby)) calls every animal chuck so she walked around all night saying hi chuck to willy lol then we played kerplunke and then trivia the dvd pop culture and sarah got bitter and gave my aunt the finger ahah.. then xmas morning came and i got a digital camera. boy meets world season 1 dvd. slippers. scrafs wth hats and gloves. madd clothes. sneakers. more stuff.. then we went to my aunts and and i got another scarf hat and gloves thing and an AE gift card :o) yay.. then i came home and me barb and katey went to toms house for a little.. thehn the next day i worked napped then chilled at kts moms with kt tomand barb.. then monday came :-D and i left work at 3 so i could shwer and get ready for FALL OUT BOY woowoo!!!!!!! freaking amazing.. gym class heroes not good at all but midtown was fun and academy is was really god and fall out boy was orgasmic lol well that all i have to say.. comment if im sexy <3
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