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okay so this is the dumbest trhing i ever wrote in my life but whatever i was bored with 100 and a half thoughts in my mind. i was supposed to be doing school stuff and i was not consintrating at al..

"when i was younger i believed in many things that are not true. i believed in what i was told and what i saw on tv. i really thought the easter bunny brought me candy and that santa lived in the north pole. i thought i was unbreakable and nothing bad could happen to me. i ave names to my stuffed animals and threw them parties. i believed anythign was possible if i tried hard enough and i belived in love. true love and all kinds of love were something i would recieve. im older now and i realized just how wrong i was. i know now that the tv is all fake and scripted and people tell lies. theres is no easter bunny, its just parents who fill baskets and santa does not live at the north pole because there is no santa.
i discovered i am very breakable and i might be broken now. bad things can happen to anyone, even me. the older i got the more i saw that my stuffed animals do not need names and they definitly do not need parties. i have tried my hardest and i know that not everything is possible. and i know now that love is an illusion. love is a four letter word meaning hurt."

okay well im a dork so whatever haha comment <33
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