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08:51am 08/04/2005



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08:15am 23/03/2005
  okay so this is the dumbest trhing i ever wrote in my life but whatever i was bored with 100 and a half thoughts in my mind. i was supposed to be doing school stuff and i was not consintrating at al..

"when i was younger i believed in many things that are not true. i believed in what i was told and what i saw on tv. i really thought the easter bunny brought me candy and that santa lived in the north pole. i thought i was unbreakable and nothing bad could happen to me. i ave names to my stuffed animals and threw them parties. i believed anythign was possible if i tried hard enough and i belived in love. true love and all kinds of love were something i would recieve. im older now and i realized just how wrong i was. i know now that the tv is all fake and scripted and people tell lies. theres is no easter bunny, its just parents who fill baskets and santa does not live at the north pole because there is no santa.
i discovered i am very breakable and i might be broken now. bad things can happen to anyone, even me. the older i got the more i saw that my stuffed animals do not need names and they definitly do not need parties. i have tried my hardest and i know that not everything is possible. and i know now that love is an illusion. love is a four letter word meaning hurt."

okay well im a dork so whatever haha comment <33

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guess whose back!   
10:21am 22/03/2005
  helllo darlings. im just writing cuse thats how bored i am. i dont think any1 still reads this shyt but i had a spanish test today and cheated my ass off went tanning after work last night so im burnt umm i have work 1230-930 tonight booo come visit me tho people lol i talked to a cutie boy last night so thats always a plus. i might be going to south street friday holler at the assecories lol oh and possible holler at gavin my love <33 lol hmmm oh yesterday at work me and jim decided if hair grows its a no go lol long story but i also decided not to come in next monday cause paul made me lose a damn bet on purpose and im PISSED so i am taking a vacation day lol okay time to go back to class. later gators.  

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09:15pm 30/01/2005
  just a QUICK update.

madd snow around here
workin like 38hs a week
saw in good company last night (very cute)
kt and barb were home
ms.finely died (rip)
walked home from work today
went hsopping yesteray
i want to runaway
i hate my house

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about christams break   
10:46am 28/12/2004
  im going to start at xmas eve bc i dunno what i did b4 that besides alot of work.. ooh yeah we did have our polyanna party and ktcarr got me a cutie shirt and picture frames and kt got me a cutie shirt and frame too!! but xmas eve i worked then came home straigtned up and showered and stuff then the fam came over and lily rose ((my cousins baby)) calls every animal chuck so she walked around all night saying hi chuck to willy lol then we played kerplunke and then trivia the dvd pop culture and sarah got bitter and gave my aunt the finger ahah.. then xmas morning came and i got a digital camera. boy meets world season 1 dvd. slippers. scrafs wth hats and gloves. madd clothes. sneakers. more stuff.. then we went to my aunts and and i got another scarf hat and gloves thing and an AE gift card :o) yay.. then i came home and me barb and katey went to toms house for a little.. thehn the next day i worked napped then chilled at kts moms with kt tomand barb.. then monday came :-D and i left work at 3 so i could shwer and get ready for FALL OUT BOY woowoo!!!!!!! freaking amazing.. gym class heroes not good at all but midtown was fun and academy is was really god and fall out boy was orgasmic lol well that all i have to say.. comment if im sexy <3  

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aw shit son..   
01:16pm 06/12/2004
  brand new
Brand New is writing your life story! clever and
insightful, but missing something...like love.
don't worry, you'll get over him or her

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fivesome? possibly

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01:12pm 06/12/2004

Take the quiz: "Which Boy Meets World Character are You?"

You're Shawn, a tough person. Strong willed. You feel lost sometimes but you find yourself and are really happy with who you are though you may not see it yet. You're quiet and you keep to yourself pretty mysterious and romantic. :-)

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11:05am 02/12/2004
mood: content
:x: piercings = 6
:x: tattoos = 0
:x: height = 5'7"
:x: shoe size = 8 1/2
:x: hair color = blonde
:x: siblings = sarah 23
:x: movie you rented = how to lose aguy in 10 days
:x: movie you bought = no i dont buy them
:x: song you listened to = pretty girl its on now
:x: song that was stuck in your head = none
:x: cd you bought = fall out boy, duh dont look suprised
:x: cd you listened to = again, fall out boy
:x: person you've called = mom
:x: person that's called you = mom lol
:x: tv show you've watched = maury
:x: person you were thinking of = steve? we were talking haha
:x: friend you made = ive made alot of friends lol no i dunno

:x: you have a crush on someone? = sure do
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = kinda
:x: you think about suicide = wow foward ?
:x: you believe in online dating = like geoin into chats like wanna date? nah lol
:x: others find you attractive = who knows
:x: you want more piercings = in deed
:x: you drink = sometimes
:x: you do drugs = no
:x: you smoke = no
:x: you like cleaning = no
:x: you like roller coasters = love them
:x: you write in cursive or print = depends on my mood

:x: food = french fries
:x: thing to do = anything if im happy or having fun
:x: thing to talk about = thats the dumbest ?
:x: sports = tennis to play ((im sorry i am listening to my man saing and my fav quote came up 'i promise ill be just fine avoideing the paths you take, you have to try to make this easy, you have to try try try for me')
:x: drinks = raspberry iced tea
:x: clothes = AE
:x: movies = breakfast club,the outsiders, 10 things
:x:singer = band? fall out boy, TBS, DLD
:x: holiday = xmas
:x: ever cried over a girl = nah
:x: ever cried over a boy = ha yes
:x: ever lied to someone = im sure i have
:x: ever been in a fist fight = kinda
:x: ever been arrested = no
:x: shampoo do you use = the stuff in the shower?
:x: shoes do you wear = my etnies usually
:x: are you scared of = beiung raped and killed, dying alone

:x: of times I have been in love? = who knows anymore.. i really thought i was b4 and now i look back and i dont know what to think
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? 2 times
:x: of hearts I have broken? = one that i know of
:x: of girls I have kissed? = 0
:x: of boys I have kissed? = like 45 or 50
:x: of girls I've slept with? = o
:x: of boys I've slept with? = 2
:x: of drugs taken illegally? = 2
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = probly 2 or 3
:x: of people I consider my enemies? = 1
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper = who knows
:x: of scars on my body? = alot i think
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = one

:x: disney movie = fox and the hound and cinderella
:x: word = oman
:x: nickname = bcy
:x: guy name = jordan
:x: girl name = marissa
:x: eye color = blue
:x: flower = yellow rose
:x: piercing = on me? my belly button
:x: actor = jason biggs
:x: actress = brittany snow

:x: pretty = i GUESS sometimes like prom and stuff
:x: funny = i have good calls haha
:x: hot = no
:x: friendly = i try
:x: amusing = yes
:x: ugly = hmmm
:x: caring = yeah
:x: sweet = i try
:x: dorky = S0METiMES

:x: Wallet = its a denim change purse ha santa got me a baby blue AE one i cant use it yet tho
:x: Hairbrush = blue
:x: Toothbrush = blue and white but im gettin a new one tonight
:x: Jewelry worn daily = B ring
:x: Pillow cover = its like gray
:x: Blanket = flowers
:x: Coffee cup = none
:x: Sunglasses = none
:x: Underwear = they have a raindeer on them..
:x: Favorite shirt = my manor college shirt haha
:x: Perfume/cologne = tommy girl
:x: CD in stereo right now = TBS
:x: Tattoos = ...
:x: Piercings = theyre lil holes with silver things in them..
:x: What you are wearing now = red pj pants and my suzie hubert day shirt
:x: In my mouth = a tounge?
:x: In my head = brains
:x: Wishing = i had somein to do after work tommrow
:x: After this = thomas's engluish muffin
:x: Person you wish you could see right now = my friends
:x: Is next to you right now = no1
:x: Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming = xmas and concert
:x: The last thing you ate = cookies
:x: Something that you are deathly afraid of = huh did this already
:x: Do you like candles = YEAh
:x: Do you like the taste of blood = no
:x: Do you believe in love = yea
:x: Do you believe in soul mates = not really a lil
:x: Do you believe in Heaven = hope so
:x: Do you believe in God = sorta
:x: What do you want done with your body when you die = take allll my organs and bury me :o)
:x: If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be = a baby seal
:x: What is the latest you've ever stayed up = umm not going 2 sleep
:x: Can you eat with chopsticks = N0
:x: What's your favorite coin = uhhh?
:x: What are some of your favorite candies = dumb ?
:x: What's something that you wish people would understand? = that when ur at work and something rings up the wrong price that u dont make the prices and its not your fault
:x: What's something you wish you could understand better? = math
:x: What is something that you really wish was still around ? pop pop and my gmom

:x: Slept in your bed: me
:x: Saw you cry: me
:x: Made you cry: tom
:x: Spent the night at your house: katey
:x: You shared a drink with: my mom and sarah at the mall
:x: You went to the movies with: every1 polar express
:x: You went to the mall with: mom and sarah
:x: Yelled at you: probly my dad

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10:26am 27/11/2004
mood: and in pain


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10:16pm 23/11/2004
surgery was a success
laid and bleed all monday
laid and sat up online today
katey kyle and greg visited me tongiht
i love ice packs
leave me get well wishes

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12:20am 21/11/2004
mood: calm
this is me final;yy updating.. ill start with yesterday:

faught with the dumbass bitch at ccp, registered for next semester, then went back to class and whatever got screwed bc we didnt know we had 4 groups and our group was like me patty and kevin and we dont even have all the books so wer were like ahhh lol then went home and went to work from 230-9 it sucked lol thenn we went to chik fil a like fattys then to strawbridges and i got a cutie guess sweater.. then home and bed

then today ((saterday)) at like 12 me and my mom decided to go to moorestown mall well that was cool i got jeans and sneakers from santa and other stuff for me from myslef lol then at like hmm 7 we were commin home and decided to get my daddy and go to nifty fiftys for dinner yumM! then came home and showered and was thinkin bout goin out with nat and a few of her friedns but i got lazy and didnt wanna do my hair and ge5t dressed and shyt so i passed and watched the weakest link lol and now im here

tommrow i have work 9 till 4.. well 8 till 4 but im goion in at 9 fuck that 8am means the bus.. lol.. then my mommys pickin me up at 4 and were gonna go to the movie store and shes lettin me rent as many movies as i want for next week hell yeah if im watchin mean girls shrek 2 13 going on 30 all week lol well while im awake at least

aiight man wish me luck for monday ((im gettin all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and theyre all impacted))

comments are soooo in!! <3brittany..
ooh and if i dont talk to yas..

HaPpY tUrKeY dAy FriEnDs!!

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feelin SeXxY   
01:32pm 08/11/2004

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holler back   
11:16pm 07/11/2004
mood: okay
so im updating.. this weekend..
firday AM at 1230 i cut the hair haha then friday night every1 went to seans but i work 247 so i made it a bloskbuster night<3 lol then saterday i went to oxford valley mall wuith my mom and sarah and i got eye shadow and shoes and i think thats it and then i came home and just showered and tryed to do sumpin with my hair it was all flipped out and cute lookin i liked it and every1 else said it looked good so whatever lol we went to seans just played some asshole listened to music ya know whatever then we started to watch raising helen and then me and tom went to the dining car and met with kier and lauren then we left and i seen some boy rick and stole his braclet haha then i went to bed.. thennn sunday morning i had work 9-3 then i came home and got changed and we went to callahans ((cushs work)) for dinner.. fun times<3

i have a new favorite quote:
dear heart,
i met a boy..
prepare to shatter
*aint that a cutie lol*

iight comment if u love/like/hate me!!

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walk me home <33   
11:24pm 04/11/2004
mood: blank
so i havent updated in a hot one.. im sad that bush won fuckin dick, im moving to canada holler lol jk but on a more serios note.. ashlyns father, greg houck, died on October 30th so we went to the viewing tuesday night.. i felt so horrible cause here i was hystericall crying and there was ashlyn trying not to cry being all strong for every1.. then i look over and caitlin was on her dads shoulder hystericall just thinking bout her uncle and megahn was sittin in the corner all alone just crying.. so me my mom and my sister decided we would let cait be with her dad and ash was in the line thing so we went to get meghan and we were like come outside get some air and we started makin fun of pople and she calmed down and stopped cryin. but she made a good point, why do people come up to you while ur crying at a funeral for a family member and say "how are ya doin?" like oh im just peachy and you?.. like i know u really dont know what else to say and im sure i said it to people before ((maybe?)) but its like what do u say to that? it puts ya in a awkward place.. but it was great to see crazy mike came home.. hes still in the navy but now hes married with a baby and hes not crazy anymore haha this kid was REALLY crazy people.. he used to eat pepsi cans on numerous occasions haha and now he has a baby thats a amazing thing lol.. but anyways then last night i did nothing just pretty much cried and thought not too many good thoughts cause i hate my house i hate my life i hatre school i would say the only thing i have to live for is my friends and lately it just seems like theyre mad at me or something? i dunno i dunno if i can blame them i wouldnt like me either if i was sum1 else.. i dunno where im goin in my life anymore, then again i dunno if i even care?.. iight bed time..
night loves..

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let go of yesterday   
11:03pm 31/10/2004
  sooo here was my weekend..

friday AM me and patty had our history midterm hardest thing i ever freakin did! ever! but got done that and went home took a nap and worked 545- 10 then just came home after work and crashed bc there was nuthin to do and rick was supposed to call me and he never did lol just kiddin hunni one day u can pick me up on ur huffy bike and we'll chill :-D

then saterday morning me and sarah and my mom went shopping.. fun stuff lol.. then i came home and me tom and trish decided to go see 'saw'.. scariest fucking shit i ever looked at.. well from what i seen because i left after it was like an hour into the movie lol so yeah i sat outside franklin mills till it was over but i called justina and rachel and katey and kyle and then brett came to procet me from being killed lol then were commin home and we fucking see some dude walkin thru bridesburg in a freaking dress like an ass then we just drove around and stuff and i came home and crashed..

sunady morning i had work 9-3 which sucked bc i messed up my alarm with changing to time so i woke up at 6 then i went back to bed then i wokr up at 730 and my mom said she would drive me after church so i wnt back to bed again and slept till like 820 lol so i went to work and it was steady but it died down a lil so me mike and angel did number puzzles.. fun shit lol then i came home and just relaxed.. ate dinner and handed out candy to trick or treaters.. the 3 CuTeStT lil girls came by all as a diffrent princess lol then conner was superman and he took like 5 candy bars and ran away hes the cutest fucking baby ever to hit the kentz fam lol jp but he really is a cutiie then kate came by with lil asia and she was a bumble bee lol soo precious.. then i just watched american dreams and showered and what not nw im ready for bed

< 3comments are soo in this season <3


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12:07am 25/10/2004
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they'll never hurt like i do<3   
11:40pm 24/10/2004
mood: weird
sad news, im making my journal friends only.. ill probably do it wendsday night or something.. i like to be open and say what i want and i feel restricted right now but comment if u want me to keep u as a friend. if not im erasing you. sorry kids..

anyways friday night i worked till 10 then we went to cushs cuz she was havin a party and it was fun lol nothin major happened.. then saterday i went to work then went to franklin mills with my mom then went to friendlys with barb kt tom trish cush me and meg then we went home and 2 hours later tom was pickin me up to go to the club.. best thing ever!! soo much fun i never seen that much damn hollister outside of the hollister store!! or so many topless guys haha!! besides that i walk in and i see nicole from last years psych and this years child psych and then like 20 minutes later i seen her talkin to a boy i was like omg who is she and shes like its kev from out child psych i was like omg lol hes so hot and i had NO IDEA he was gay lol o well hes real real cool we talked for a little.. but then we danced more and whatnot and then we went home.. then today i worked then i came home and went out with sarah for a little then relaxed thought about studying but had a change of heart lol

ooh yeah and might i add im very very excited for november 6th? lol me and kyle r goin to the club haha who wants to come?? lol

oh and for the record people just shouldnt assume stuff is about them but whatever.. fuck u!1 take it for what it is..

damn and i forgot to add a special hello to bill, my lil lullaby haha and to matt, my knight in shinig armor ((sorry kids))

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this is for u   
12:02am 22/10/2004
mood: pissed off
this is for the girls who used to stalk oiut my AOL profile and then read my journal and make anonymous comments.. i dont have the phillyflirt490 screen name anymore.. my new screenname is hopelesxlovex on AIM so u have to get aim to stalk out my new profile.. have fun girls :o)

anyways.. lol.. back to the normal people.. lets see what did i do today. i had no classes so i slept till 1030 which felt good even tho i had a bad night b4 i went to bed bc bill made me sad.. so i woke up and then i was just doin a lil homework and eating and shyt then i talked to katey and shes def commin home with barb this weekend yay then i talked to tom and hes like chipmunk haha but i was on the phone with him and i went outside for a second n i thought the door was unlocked and nope it was locked so i locked myself out for a few minutes haha im an ass but yeah so i did my hair and shyt and got dressed for work got a few phone calls ha. went to work and fought with paul suprise suprise then my knight in shinning armor came to vist me haha ur awesome matt then like an hour later i went home then i ate and talked to barb and did the dishes fun fun now im off to bed a lil pissed bc i dont understand y u have to fight with guys for them to understand u i dont get it..

night <3comment me<3

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12:01am 18/10/2004
mood: moody
lemme clear my mind..

so me and katey got the same thing, coincidence? hmm lol best friends is right since we share emotions lol scary thought

Take the quiz: "The MOOD quiz! (With cool blinkies!)"

You've been hurt before, you have a reason to feel sad. But it's time to get over it. Try to open up to people and you'll feel a lot better.

so long stpory short fuck ex's and their new chicks who call and start fights. it aint worth it. especially not for some1 whose going to go fight a war with slim chances of makin it out alive. fuck it. let them live together and she'll be knocked up and ruin her life for the kid shes been with for 2 months. ha. just theres no need to fight with me and say that u dont trust me around him especially when i dont fuckin want him no more. i just wanted to see the kid once or twice before he left. but considered hes WHIPPED now i guess that aint happening. just sux for my family cause now my mom lost intrest of seeing him and my mom loved him haha o well

now for a lil of me and bill:
Bill ThePizzaGuy: will you marry me, and have hundreds of my children
hopelesxlovex: thousands
Bill ThePizzaGuy: lol
Bill ThePizzaGuy: how many
Bill ThePizzaGuy: can you handle it?
hopelesxlovex: 298,476
Bill ThePizzaGuy: yum
Bill ThePizzaGuy: im ready
Bill ThePizzaGuy: ;-)
Bill ThePizzaGuy: lol

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03:54pm 13/10/2004
mood: depressed
have another drink and drive yourself home
i hope theres out out on all the roads
so you can think of me when u forget your seatbelt
and again when your head goes through the windshield..

i hate life..
it sucks..

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