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walk me home <33

so i havent updated in a hot one.. im sad that bush won fuckin dick, im moving to canada holler lol jk but on a more serios note.. ashlyns father, greg houck, died on October 30th so we went to the viewing tuesday night.. i felt so horrible cause here i was hystericall crying and there was ashlyn trying not to cry being all strong for every1.. then i look over and caitlin was on her dads shoulder hystericall just thinking bout her uncle and megahn was sittin in the corner all alone just crying.. so me my mom and my sister decided we would let cait be with her dad and ash was in the line thing so we went to get meghan and we were like come outside get some air and we started makin fun of pople and she calmed down and stopped cryin. but she made a good point, why do people come up to you while ur crying at a funeral for a family member and say "how are ya doin?" like oh im just peachy and you?.. like i know u really dont know what else to say and im sure i said it to people before ((maybe?)) but its like what do u say to that? it puts ya in a awkward place.. but it was great to see crazy mike came home.. hes still in the navy but now hes married with a baby and hes not crazy anymore haha this kid was REALLY crazy people.. he used to eat pepsi cans on numerous occasions haha and now he has a baby thats a amazing thing lol.. but anyways then last night i did nothing just pretty much cried and thought not too many good thoughts cause i hate my house i hate my life i hatre school i would say the only thing i have to live for is my friends and lately it just seems like theyre mad at me or something? i dunno i dunno if i can blame them i wouldnt like me either if i was sum1 else.. i dunno where im goin in my life anymore, then again i dunno if i even care?.. iight bed time..
night loves..
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