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holler back

so im updating.. this weekend..
firday AM at 1230 i cut the hair haha then friday night every1 went to seans but i work 247 so i made it a bloskbuster night<3 lol then saterday i went to oxford valley mall wuith my mom and sarah and i got eye shadow and shoes and i think thats it and then i came home and just showered and tryed to do sumpin with my hair it was all flipped out and cute lookin i liked it and every1 else said it looked good so whatever lol we went to seans just played some asshole listened to music ya know whatever then we started to watch raising helen and then me and tom went to the dining car and met with kier and lauren then we left and i seen some boy rick and stole his braclet haha then i went to bed.. thennn sunday morning i had work 9-3 then i came home and got changed and we went to callahans ((cushs work)) for dinner.. fun times<3

i have a new favorite quote:
dear heart,
i met a boy..
prepare to shatter
*aint that a cutie lol*

iight comment if u love/like/hate me!!
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