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this is me final;yy updating.. ill start with yesterday:

faught with the dumbass bitch at ccp, registered for next semester, then went back to class and whatever got screwed bc we didnt know we had 4 groups and our group was like me patty and kevin and we dont even have all the books so wer were like ahhh lol then went home and went to work from 230-9 it sucked lol thenn we went to chik fil a like fattys then to strawbridges and i got a cutie guess sweater.. then home and bed

then today ((saterday)) at like 12 me and my mom decided to go to moorestown mall well that was cool i got jeans and sneakers from santa and other stuff for me from myslef lol then at like hmm 7 we were commin home and decided to get my daddy and go to nifty fiftys for dinner yumM! then came home and showered and was thinkin bout goin out with nat and a few of her friedns but i got lazy and didnt wanna do my hair and ge5t dressed and shyt so i passed and watched the weakest link lol and now im here

tommrow i have work 9 till 4.. well 8 till 4 but im goion in at 9 fuck that 8am means the bus.. lol.. then my mommys pickin me up at 4 and were gonna go to the movie store and shes lettin me rent as many movies as i want for next week hell yeah if im watchin mean girls shrek 2 13 going on 30 all week lol well while im awake at least

aiight man wish me luck for monday ((im gettin all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and theyre all impacted))

comments are soooo in!! <3brittany..
ooh and if i dont talk to yas..

HaPpY tUrKeY dAy FriEnDs!!
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